Privacy Notice

The data supplied by you is processed by CampusDoctor in line with the laws on data protection and confidentiality.

CampusDoctor processes your information so that it can be sent to your medical practice to enable your registration at the practice as a patient to receive general medical services.

CampusDoctor may send you health promotion information on behalf of the medical practice based on information supplied by you in the health questionnaire, but only if you have opted to receive this communication.

CampusDoctor has no other interest in your data other than the two uses above. It will not share this data with any other party. The data will be retained for 336 hours before being deleted.

This data is processed using a secure server based in the European Union and forwarded using encrypted communication to the medical practice. There is no profiling or automatic decision making in this process.

It is your choice to provide your information to CampusDoctor. If you choose not to do so you will need to attend the medical practice in person to register with them.