GP Registration Online
for students in Cardiff
Why register with a GP now?

It's very important that you register with a GP practice in Cardiff as soon as possible, if you're coming to live and study here (or if you already are). Once registered your new GP practice can:
   »  Get hold of your medical history as soon as possible
   »  Send information to you on relevant health issues
   »  Pick up on any ongoing medical problems.  
   »  Sort out any prescriptions you will need to request. 
But most importantly it will be the place you know to go to when you're ill, and the place they know about you!

Students in University Accommodation:
Search by student accommodation in Cardiff
To find your nearest GP listed by distance closest to your accommodation
please click on your halls of residence listed below:

The above Student Accommodation list provides you with the practices in your area that cater for your place of residence and allows for online registration.
Other GP Practices may be available depending on where you live. If you wish to look for alternative GP Practices, or can’t find where you live on the drop down menu, please feel free to enter your post code into the search below to find all practices that are in your area that can be contacted about registration. 
NHS Wales Search:
NHS search by postcode in Cardiff
Enter your postcode to search the NHS database for your nearest GP:
This search gives you a detailed list of GP practices nearest your postcode area. Follow the link to a practice to see how to register with them. For a map view, click "Map and directions".

List of Practices with Online Registration:
Click below for a full list of practices with CampusDoctor online registration forms:


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